27 Jun

  • By krislawrence

On Tuesday, Mrs Dalrymple came to visit year 6 to talk to us about her experiences during WW2.

Mrs Dalrymple told us how she grew up on her parents’ farm in Wales; after leaving school she wasn’t able to find any work nearby so her cousin found her employment in Coventry. She moved there and lived happily for a while until the war affected the area. As a result of the Coventry Blitz, her parents insisted that she moved back home as they were worried for her safety, although she returned after just one month.

In the war, Mrs Dalrymple worked as a council officer in Coventry. She told us that when the rescue workers brought in the remains of dead bodies, it was her job was to record their descriptions. She also described how any valuables on the body, such as rings, were put into cloth bags and stacked in the corner of the office; the bodies were put into a cold room called the mortuary where people would come to identify them. The room was cold in order to preserve the bodies.

Mrs Dalrymple explained how each night everyone was too scared to go upstairs to bed because they were afraid of air raids while they were sleeping. Instead they all went under the stairs or table with blankets (sometimes with an Enid Blyton book to comfort the younger children) and tried their best to comfort each other during the night time raids. In one of the places she stayed there was an old lady who used to sing hymns and rustle the pages of the hymn books to drown out the sound of the bombs. This annoyed Mrs Dalrymple because she wanted to hear what the bombs sounded like!

It was a very interesting talk and we are all very grateful to Mrs Dalrymple for giving up her time to share her experiences with us.

Mrs Darymple with Year 6

Written by: Carling Ryall and Kerenza Marsh