15 Dec

  • By karenunwin

21st November 2017                



Firstly we arrived enthused and ready for what was ahead. Parents came to join us for the exiting activities (Mrs James, Mrs Critchley and Mrs Young.)

Here are some pictures of the activities that the first group did in the morning …

Home Guard photo


This was the morning group working with sir Home Guard manger. We started off by dressing up in army overalls (as shown) .then we learnt the commands of the Home Guard as well as collecting our riffles/pikes and tin helmets from WW11.


Filling sandbags


Us filling sandbags, and putting them under our road blocks.

Talking About Map…

he spoke to us about which roads the Germans took to invade Britain.

ARP (afternoon)

This was the second group, we dressed up in blue ARP overalls (similar to boiler suits…) for this part of the day. We swapped over in afternoon

Here are some activities we did.


Here the guide explained to us all about the gas attacks, gas masks- who they were for, and types of gases. The picture shows a WW11 gas attack siren that you would use in a case of a gas attack


7 December 2017

On Thursday Mrs Tennent very kindly came in to talk to us about her experience in the war. She told us all about being evacuated and her experience in air-raids and air-raid shelters in World War 2.

It was extremely interesting and we all enjoyed her coming and learnt very much. She had still got her teddy which is 80 years old!

One of Mrs Tennent’s worst memories was when they had gone away for a week and whilst they were away the house behind their house had been bombed. Unfortunately, her family also found that their house had been badly damaged.




This week Monday the 20th to Friday the 24th November 2017 YR6 had a maths Quiz with Stoke Poges, we gave our selves a team name and a nick name for each person in the team. We got into groups of 2, 3 or 4. Our classes did 3 quizzes, there was a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for the top three groups that competed.