12 Oct

  • By karenunwin

Our new Year 6 students are keen to share with you how they have settled in to their new classroom this term. Below are some of their thoughts and feedback on how their learning journey is going so far….Mrs. Unwin


So far this term in Maths we have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes.
We decided as a class to design and make our own mobile with the 3D shapes that we have made in our lesson to hang over our tables. We are looking forward to how this will look.

On Wednesday this week we were instructed to make a net of a cube. We worked well in pairs but found that we weren’t great at following the instructions! This was a learning curve for us in Year 6, one that we need to address before we approach our SAT’s. Our teachers (Mrs. Birchwood and Mrs. Unwin) did repeat the instructions lots of times and we managed to get there by the end of the lesson, not before they had torn their hair out! Cailey Knappett

We as a class feel we have settled into the Year 6 routine well. Year 6

I like being in Year 6 because we are with the senior school being on the same floor as us. Orla Young

I like being in Year 6 with Ms. Birchwood as we have been given the responsibility to make our own classroom displays. Ruby Cook

I have enjoyed being upstairs in The Year 6 classroom, the best bit being no distraction from the other classes around and above us! Cailey Knappett

I like having lessons with Mrs. Birchwood because they are good fun! Sonja Lawson