03 Nov

  • By karenunwin

What was life like in Roman Britain?

Bignor was full of opportunities to experience life on a Roman farm! Year 4 gained an invaluable insight into daily life, social history and geographical references as to why it was where it was. The class thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and re-enacting life as Roman emperors, slaves and soldiers.

They researched, observed and sketched around the mysteries of the labyrinths and function rooms and marvelled at the amazingly preserved mosaics! This trip will help further their understanding of life in Roman Britain and will assist in completing an SDL assignment entitled ‘What was life like in Roman Britain?’

A great day had by all!

Year 4 had a very enjoyable day at Bignor Roman Villa, they started the day being greeted by our guide. She then took us for a walk through the villa, each of us imagining what life would have been like to have lived within its wall.

The students were given the opportunity to dress up into the sort of clothes that would have been worn by the occupants of the time, Barnes especially liked being the Emperor!

This was a hands on way of demonstrating the different roles that there would have been within the many households within the Villa at the time of the Roman occupation of Britain. The students were impeccably behaved and demonstrated many values and one school skills throughout our visit, well done Year 4. Mrs. Unwin