16 Jun

  • By krislawrence

Year 4 visit to the Rural Life Centre, Tilford

Year 4 pupils visited the Rural Life Centre on Friday 10th June. They attended two fascinating workshops very ably led by the museum staff as well as enjoying a look around the whole open air site and museum. One workshop dealt with ‘make do and mend’ with the children learning to darn socks and save money. The other workshop dealt with olden day farm practices such as sowing seeds, reaping and threshing. The children got dressed up twice into country clothes: once into those typical of the Second World War, and later into Victorian smocks as worn around Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. The children studied many artefacts to do with agriculture which supported their class work history and science. They found a tyring ring from John Sturt’s wheelwrights shop in Farnham and the original forge, where the museum stared, particularly fascinating. The children were allowed to play with old fashioned toys such as stilts and hoops during lunch. Altogether the class had a most rewarding and enjoyable day. Thank you Miss Wonders, our student teacher from Kingston University and soon to be the new Year 3 teacher, for organising it.



Museum staff member explaining about the tyring ring and how the iron or steel tyre contracts to hold the wooden spokes and rim together.


Standing besides the huge wheel of a farm cart.


Mr. Petrie, one of the Year 4 teachers, and his group of children look at the woodworkers’ yard.


Modelling WW2 country outfits.


The children dressed in World War 2 rural outfits.


A baby in a World War 2 gasmask sleeping in a bomb shelter as used at that time inside some homes.


Darning socks


Our year four students dressed in Victorian smocks and pinafores with one of our fabulous museum guides whose family used to farm at Bentley.


Broadcasting the seed in the oldest style.


The Industrial Revolution brought in new agricultural practices such as this seed drill as demonstrated.


Running and playing with iron hoops.


Old fashioned wooden stilts.

Our trip was greatly helped by Mrs. Sonia James who drove us and helped the children supporting Miss Wonders, Mr Taylor and myself.

Mr A Petrie