30 Jan

  • By karenunwin

Poetry is seeping out of the school, from Holocaust Assembly recitations to Year 3 creativity. Two literacy high notes for our school.

This week in Year 3 we have been writing our own rhyming couplet poems.

The year threes have been learning about and creating traditional rhyming poems over the last two weeks. We focused on the poem ‘Land of the Counterpane’ by Robert Louis Stephenson, looking at his style of rhyming couplets. The children have worked hard to adopt the style of Stephenson and have written and performed some fantastic poetry. The fantastic poems are currently being displayed in our class ‘Poetree’! Miss. Wonders

Year 3 rose to the challenge and have produced some amazing pieces of poetry for us to enjoy. Their work is on display on our classroom ‘poetree’.

The children really enjoyed performing their poetry to the whole class, I was very impressed with how clearly and confidently each student spoke. Well done Year 3! Mrs. Unwin