15 May

  • By karenunwin



Year 3 and Year 7 are coming together once a week to research and plan an exciting project within our SDL centre.

We started off our research with a visit to the New Forest Wildlife Park.

We had a very enjoyable day and the students were lucky to have been able to get up close enough to sketch some butterflies. We spent the rest of the day walking through the wildlife park, enjoying the many animals that are there. One highlight were the Wolves, they were an awesome sight! The students will be able to use the sketches they did during the day as part of their research for their projects.

Myself and Miss Wonders came up with an idea to combine our classes/year groups together and work on a collaborative art project for the summer term.  The plan is to design and make our own sculpture park here in the school grounds.  Students from year 7 and 3 are working in mixed groups to research and design 6 bug sculptures.  We started the project with a trip to the New Forest Wildlife Park where the students drew butterflies and insects and have since researched sculpture parks and artists to gain further inspiration.  The groups are working so well together, with the year 7’s proving to be wonderful role models and leaders and the year 3’s proving to be talented artists and researchers.  Working across the year groups is a really fun venture for the teachers as well as the students and we are looking forward to the final outcome. Miss. Taylor

The year 7’s and 3’s have impressed us with their mature attitude towards our exciting SDL Art Project. We have seen fantastic team work, some great role models and are starting to see the beginning of some great designs. We are excited to continue our project and to see what the groups produce! Miss.Wonders

I am so impressed with the level of commitment shown by our Year 3 and 7 students towards their SDL Art projects. They have worked well in their teams and shown us that they really are students we should be proud of here at Hindhead Campus. The behaviour on our educational visit whilst at the Wildlife Park, was brilliant, really showing the wider community our school in its best light. I am still waiting for the citations to come in Year 7 and 3, you deserve many from that day! Come and find me! 🙂 Mrs. Unwin