12 Oct

  • By bryonyatkinson

It is our last year at school for those of us in Upper 6th, and collectively as a year group we have decided we’re going out with a bang.  We intend to: drive the thriving Student Leadership Team, devise a bigger, better scheme to unleash the talent from under the bushel in this year’s Talent Show, and just generally make the world a Better Place.  We have also committed ourselves to a series of Whole School Meals.

The first of these will occur on Tuesday 17th October, constituting a deluxe Autumn BBQ pork meal.

We will be celebrating this season with a fantastic gourmet meal for all years.  This will be an unpretentious yet high quality hand-cooked meal using the finest ingredients, to impress all ages.  Please ensure you have placed your order on or before Sunday so that your child/children don’t miss out on this unprecedented event.  Orders for the meal are being taken through bank transfer, and all proceeds will ultimately go towards promoting more events at the school.

Also moving on through the year we will again rise to honour the winter season.  At the end of term the school will make merry with a very special Winter Market filled with food and festive activities looking to exploit the natural vim and enthusiasm of youth.  The date for this event will be confirmed nearer the time.

For any inquiries regarding the meal please speak to Cassandra at cassandra.james@focus-student.com


Thank you.  Year 13