26 Jun

  • By kristianstill

Making a positive first impression, as we all know, is so important. That is why we make every effort to visit our incoming Year 3 pupils at their current school leading up to their “Move-up day.” I thought you would enjoy reading Mrs Wonders reflections on her investment in building secure, trusting relationships with her in-coming class. Part of our professional coaching dialogue here at Hindhead Campus.

Reflection – Year 2 Visits

Visiting the in-coming Year 3’s in their current infants setting has most definitely highlighted to me the importance of having a smooth transition from Year 2 to Year 3. I had to prepare questions and information for the children, requiring me to think ahead to September.

The experience was very beneficial, as it allowed me to gain information such as the children’s academic progress, their social awareness and their likes and dislikes. It also allowed me to build relationships with the children, easing their nerves and introducing myself as their teacher. This was very valuable and will most definitely help to me to have a more informed start to the year.

Visiting the different schools also meant, that in most cases, I was able to have a meeting with the children’s current teachers. This really helped me to gauge where the children stand in terms of their personal achievement, and in some cases, the teachers offered suggestions of strategies to accelerate their progress or confidence or both.

Conversations like these have laid the foundations for the children and also increased my self-confidence as their Year 3 teacher. I feel I that I am getting to know the children and that I am beginning to see the type of class I will be teaching in September and that is very exciting. Of course, I look forward to meeting the parents too. Mrs Wonders