02 Jun

  • By kristianstill

A visit to Stanstead House provided both inspiration and contextual reference for our Year 8 students and their Victorian short stories. Given the literary backdrop, I will hand over to one of our students who drafted her reflections from the visit.

On Monday 22nd May, all of year 8 went to Stansted House in the afternoon. We went there to help us with our Victorian mystery stories that we are writing in our English lessons. First we had a tour around the house which was very helpful as we could look around the different rooms and see how a mystery could happen in an old house. The house is not actually Victorian, but was rebuilt only a few years after the Victorian era as the previous house was burnt down in a fire. However some of the rooms underground were not destroyed by the fire and I thought this could be a good place to set a mystery as there could be some unknown features in these rooms. After the tour we had a short while to sit in one of the rooms and write our mystery story.  I think that the trip was good and helped a lot with our stories. Harriet Page