01 Mar

  • By kristianstill

We know hosting children at home unexpectedly is challenging. To support you, we have created three engaging learning tasks for the Lower School Students. Be creative, have fun, collaborate and share your responses with your teachers. I know our Science teachers would love to see your Science syllabus (curriculum/ lessons)  responses and our English teachers, your creative responses.

Mr Still


Also note, that students still have access to Literacy Planet. For Y6 – personalised learning tasks have been assigned to help our students address area for improvement.

May we remind our upper school students that both Canvas and GCSEpod are available to support your learning.

Thinking outside the box


Thinking out loud…

Present your answer in any way you like?

How exciting! How challenging! Consider teaming up with your peers to create your response. Share your responses with your tutor.

Thinking ahead to Science Week…

Science “syllabus” is another term for curriculum or group of lessons. Share your responses with your science teachers.

Get writing…

Your English teachers would love to read your answers…

Create your own idea prompt in AdobeSpark

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