12 Jun

  • By kristianstill


This week Year 3 visited the Watercress Line. Dressed as evacuees for the day, the children were encouraged to get into character as part of this inspiring experiential learning opportunity. As you can see, they certainly didn’t look happy at the prospect of leaving their mothers at home!

watercress_line_sad1 watercress_line_sad2

We had a wonderful ride on the Watercress Line steam engine train with the carriages used to set the emotional scene for evacuee “freeze-frame” photographs. Rest assured, this activity was followed by a wonderful summers day picnic for lunch. The volunteers at the railway station then gave us a talk on being an evacuee and a ‘make do and mend’ workshop. Here the pupils learnt how to make a rag rug and were spoken to about how many clothing rations a child would have had for a year.


The children and staff had a fantastic day, we were incredibly impressed with the behaviour of our Year 3 children and thankful for the help from our volunteer mothers.