01 Jul

  • By kristianstill

This week I was joined by our CA Team at Exchange Place for the Focus Learning Trust “Summer Conference 2016.” An event that brought together all Head Teachers and all Campus Administrator Teams (CA Team) from across the Trust.

Following an update on the Global OneSchool Strategic Vision we moved onto the Focus National Structure. We heard from Global and National Leadership Team members and the new Regional Principals (RPs), about their vision for greater “professional collaboration” at every level of the organisation. The RPs spoke with a real sense of purpose and of an “unreserved focus on the students and their educational journey, experience and outcomes.” We also heard about the Trusts commitment to staff, to professional development, to the exciting Teacher Academy and to OneSchool technologies and learning platforms.

At this point the Conference programme forked. CA Teams received a Finance Presentation whilst Head Teachers and RPs met to discuss the new National Leadership Structure and the National Portfolios (eg Curriculum, leadership and SDL). We reconvened for IT, HR and CAP presentations before breaking for lunch.

The afternoon began with Governance Presentations for our CA Team whilst RPs, Head Teachers and Educational Leadership Team followed an agenda covering a range of educational topics including the importance of OneSchool Skills, assessment and reporting, VC, SDL and curriculum. The Conference concluding with action points and the phrase “professional collaboration” rippling through our thoughts.

The Conference was, understandably, information driven. However, my lasting reflection will be of the significant and committed contribution of so many community members and determined education professionals, to this truly unique educational programme. The Year 6 performance of Edna capping off a truly inspirational week. Thank you to all those that contributed to the performance and all those community members that supported the event.

Just a brief reminder – we welcome your nominations for Staff Stars for this term.

Mr Kristian Still