03 Jan

  • By kristianstill

Hindhead Press Release

Firstly, I would like to recognise the professional training and development congestion in January and thank you for your understanding. Second, I would underline that this commitment to professional training and development is focused on leading the change of pedagogical culture towards Self-Directed Learning. Given this national and campus commitment, I felt you would appreciate an outline of the upcoming events.

January 3rd – Hindhead Campus INSET

Locally, our professional INSET day will focus on developing a positive classroom climate; the quality of interactions between teachers and students, and teacher expectations, required for effective Self-Directed Learning. A classroom climate that promotes and recognises our school Values.

We will be reviewing the updated Behaviour Management Policy (2016), which includes a framework for appropriate rewards and sanctions which creates “an environment that encourages and reinforces good behaviour, promotes self-discipline and defines acceptable standards of behaviour.”  We feel assured that we are able to call upon your support.

January 10th – Learning to Learn through innovation

On Tuesday 10th January all campus teaching staff and CA Teams will be attending this extraordinary professional development event with Sir John Jones – renowned international educational speaker and Professor Sugata Mitra – Global TED Prizewinning educational researcher.

Ongoing Professional Development

The high quality professional development provided by the Focus Learning Trust undoubtedly will support improvements in teaching and attainment. It then becomes my responsibility to entrust staff, to encourage creativity, innovation, and commitment to Self-Directed Learning.

January 19th – Staff INSET and School Closure (International Community Event)

The school is closed on January 19th. A second session for staff on developing a positive classroom climate has been proposed to CA teams to fully utilise this date.

Reminder for Parents

We would like to thank parents for their going supporting. Staff will be focusing and reinforcing the Focus Learning Trust “Cardinal School Rules” as outlined in the Behaviour Management Policy (2016).

Cardinal School Rules (Code of Conduct)

The eight very important School rules below underpin all student conduct and are to be understood and adhered to at all times:

  • Attend all lessons punctually
  • Be loyal to the School community and always honest
  • Use appropriate language at all times
  • Treat all members of the School community and property with respect
  • Participate positively and diligently in all learning activities
  • Contribute towards a safe and well ordered environment
  • Wear the School uniform with decorum
  • Remain on the School grounds unless otherwise permitted.

May we also ask you to remind students of the importance of arriving to class ready to learn, with the required equipment and resources as outlined in the Attitude to Learning framework.

Finally, from the Spring Term 2017 our newsletter will be issued fortnightly.