11 Jul

  • By kristianstill

Team Grayshott celebrate their victory.

Overcast cloud cover, was for once, a welcomed backdrop to a summers day. For Friday was Sports Day held at Aldershot athletics stadium. A truly memorable day, with stunning sporting achievements which saw Hindhead Campus students break at least 18 Campus records and we are hoping, potentially National Focus Record, (though these are being updated with every campus Sports Day).


Grayshott Captain’s claim their trophy.

Talent certainly won the individual races and events and there were a number of notably individual performances that stood out. Records fell and champions adorned the podium, more of that later from our Sports Day journalist Ella Cook. However, it was teamwork, commitment and responsibility that won the prestigious Sports Day trophy for Grayshott, celebrating for the first time in their Hindhead Campus history. With Grayshott’s shining example, Stirling determination was possibly the greatest personal achievement not awarded a medal, returning from a hospital visit to complete the House relay.

What did our students think of their Sports Day?

I competed in the hurdles. It was a great race-fierce competition and a very close final. I think I broke the school record which is great and yeah a great achievement for myself. – Kieran Taylor (Year 10) Grayshott.

Got the school record for high jump at 1m 47 and I’ve just won the 800m-yeah- bit knackered but yeah, glad for the cheering today.”- Fergus Wickland (Year 8) Grayshott

Alfie White was clear about his success, only not all the elements that contributed to it.

I won three things, the space hopper one and two other things. – Alfie White (Year 3) Frensham

Whereas Ella Cook was a little more assured.

I’ve won shot put, javelin and discus today.  I’m really chuffed. – Ella Cook (Year 11)  Frensham

Others recognised their team contribution.

Hi, I’m Jesse Taylor and I came 2nd in the 80m for Frensham. “…and Hi. I’m Fraser Smallridge from Frensham and I came second in my 80m race” “…and I’m Orla Young I’m in Frensham. I came 2nd in the 80m race.

Hello, I’m Letitia.  I came second in long jump and 3rd in 200.  It’s been a great day. – Letitia Kerkham (Year 11) Churt

Hello, I’m Shannon Moggach and  I won the long jump. Yay! – (Year 11) Frensham

Hello, my name’s Weston Tennent and I’m in Tilford and I came 4th in the 80 m race. (Year 5)

“I came first in long jump. Laurel Garvie  (Year 8) Tilford

While others recognised their own personal growth.

I’ve been really enjoying the day and I’ve won three medals, two bronze and a silver.  They were for 300m, 200m and 100m and I’m slowly making gradual progress. – Alwyn Evershed Year 7 (Frensham).

Thank goodness for dictaphones!

It goes without saying, that without the support of many, events such as these would not be as fantastic. Thank you all (more from Ella Cook here too).

May I also show my thanks to Ronnie Porter, our effervescent commentator, who also organised our photographer Craig Matthews cmphotovideo.co.uk. We will shortly be sharing a web link with you so that you can request professional quality photograph from the day. More photographs of our Sports Day will be available via our journalist team shortly.