09 Mar

  • By jasontaylor

The battle of Athens and Sparta and Pastel artwork of Greek artefacts

Year 4 have been studying all about Greek mythology as part of the Spring topic. In Art we researched different Greek shield designs and using Purple Mash we created a graphic design of our shield. Once we had our final shield design we cut out the shapes from cardboard and painted our final draft onto it.   Using split pins and extra cardboard we crafted a handle so that we could re-enact the battle between Sparta and Athens as shown in the video.

Also in the video, Year 4 used pastels to create a textured design based on the Greek artefacts they have been researching. 

The children created some excellent designs using Purple Mash and showed great initiative when making the shield adding extra bits to make the shield more authentic.  Mr Taylor


  The class have been immersed in Ancient Greece! Next step of their journey – Greek theatre masks! Mr Turner