06 Jul

  • By kristianstill

This Wednesday we welcomed a fellow Primary colleague Mrs Sharp to walk the school. Today I received such a wonderful endorsement of our students, I felt that Mrs Sharp words deserved your audience.

Thank you for warm welcome to your school yesterday, which was replicated by all members of staff, teaching and non-teaching alike. It really was a fantastic opportunity and I am still pondering the value of differentiation! (Mrs Sharp and the Leadership Team were discussing differentiation with SDL over lunch).
It is clear from wandering around the whole school alongside being by the school gates at the end of the day what a marvellous community spirit there is: boys weeding by the football pitches; posters being fixed as people walked around school; parents being so visible and important; children helping on the ice cream stand with parents; and older siblings ushering their siblings onto the right buses. I could go on.
My sincerest thanks are extended to my primary colleagues in Years 3-5 for welcoming me in and out of their classrooms yesterday afternoon. All of the adults showed great relationships with their children. Mr Turner was very knowledgeable about his topic and could lead numerous conversations about the Stuarts, which the children were engrossed with. The other half of his class were equally engrossed in their coding which had a great balance of support without telling them how to debug, which resulted perfectly with children in the grapple zone. Miss Wonders had a wonderfully calm and organised classroom for sewing – something which I will aspire to when sewing lessons next rear their head for me! I also loved her use of Ava the Year 10 student to support the younger students with their creations.
The Year 6 production was brilliant and only later, when reading the programme, did I realise it has been completely created by the children: wow! What an achievement for these young people.
Witnessing the self directed learning was fascinating for me as the students on the whole really were getting on with their learning in the break out areas needing only an adult around to supervise: I can see this being a revolution! The Year 12 enterprise project was clearly all encompassing for the children, and indeed the school, as well-designed fliers, posters and tokens kept appearing throughout my visit. I hope you all enjoy the pizzas today!
Thanks also to Mr Rogets for inviting me, giving me a thorough tour and giving me the opportunity to have the conversations about differentiation now that I’ve witnessed the success without it!

I do hope we can keep the link up in the new school year.

Thank you again and my warmest of wishes,
Mrs Leah Sharp