12 May

  • By kristianstill

Hard work beats talent. When talent doesn’t work hard.

Revision idea #1 – the revision loyalty card.

Take a handful of subjects and break them down into ten simple revision topics. From these topics construct ten twenty minute revision sessions. Add an eleventh row offering three opportunities to complete a past exam paper. Ask your teachers for spare copies of past papers and the mark schemes. Post the chart somewhere public – the fridge is good location.

Students – stamp or mark the topics / boxes as complete as you revise them.

Parents – recognise completed rows, columns and eventually the completed chart. Remember, reward the process. The responsibility shown in constructing the chart, the commitment and application to revising. To completing and later marking the past papers, not the past paper grade or score.

What is the value of a completed loyalty card? That is a decision I leave in your capable hands.