03 Apr

  • By karenunwin

A special well done to all the students who took part in the Primary Table Tennis competition, the support for the players was incredible, adding to the exciting and somewhat tense atmosphere as the competition progressed.

Years 3 and 4 boys saw an excellent contest between Bailie and Darius with Bailie just making it through to the next round. Navarro and Nico from year 3 made an excellent account of themselves against Year 4 opposition with Nico making it through to the Semi finals. Well done to both Bailie and Jones for making the final, both demonstrating excellent serving skills which was won in the end by Bailie.

Years 5 and 6 boys competition provided many excellent battles with Zach and Oscar drawn against each other and Oscar just making it through to the Semis.

Brady and Fraser, Kyle and Huxley, Amos and Chet were pitted against each other with Fraser, Huxley and Chet also going through to the Semi Finals. The atmosphere for the Semi finals was excellent with many Year 5 and 6 boys showing encouragement and support for the players. It was Chet and Fraser who progressed through to the final where Chet became the overall champion.


The Year 5 and 6 girls competition was the closest fought with a late entry from 2 Year 4 girls, Lila and Saskia. Acacia and Mia were dominant in their round 1 matches but Kimberly, Ivy and Erin had to work hard to make it through. The quarter finals provided some fiercely contested matches with Saskia and Erin battling out and Erin making it through. Ivy and Acacia had an exciting match where the leaders changed constantly throughout with Ivy winning 10 . 8. Mia and Kimberly fought out a close match with Mia progressing through to the Semi final. The last 3 – Erin, Ivy and Mia played each for the last 2 places in the final with Mia and Erin victorious. The Final was a tense affair but proved to be a monumental match worthy of any final with Erin finally emerged as champion.

Here are a few photos from the competition.


It’s great to see them using the table at break times practising for each match. I also thought the support and team spirit they showed for their friends was amazing. Mr Taylor