20 Jul

  • By JJM

17th July 2015, students, parents and grandparents alike filed into the auditorium at G-Live, Guildford. The seats filled fast, everyone was eager to get there early; there was a big event on – the ‘Presentation Day’ for Hindhead Campus. It always has been a remarkable event – the atmosphere almost explodes with enthusiasm and pride for all the hard work put in by the students over the past year, punctuated by heavy bursts of clapping from a hearty and excited audience.

Most of what I saw of the event was through a camera view-finder, and even that portrayed the event as stunning, with Year 6 bringing the house down with their excellent play (Edith’s War Time Scrapbook), in addition to each house team presenting a different poem with hilarious actions and drama. Also, presented to us by Year 4, (much to the oldies delight) was some Morris Dancing, led by the enthusiastic pro – Mrs Lawrence, our school secretary. The day was drawn to a close with Mr Breame singing us a song that he had composed, serenading his experiences with the graduated Year 13’s to them as a final goodbye.

I have been asked to say something about Presentation Day last year and, well I am really stuck for words…it was truly amazing…watching all the students performing together and using teamwork to be successful. The highlight of the event for me was watching each house team perform their poems…having seen all the hilarious and embarrassing attempts beforehand, it was great to see the finished version. They were all fantastic so well done to you all. A special well done to CHURT, the winning team!

I suppose no one is to forget the grand solo from Mr Breame! Giving us an overview of the year 13’s and keeping all students enthused! It’s great to know a teacher’s point of view of the students they have taught throughout high school! Three cheers for Mr Breame! I haven’t got much more to say – just a massive thank-you to all those who helped organise this day, and we look forward to this next year’s Presentation Day.

Presentation Day. Some say it was an excellent précis of the year 2014/15; however do not be deceived – this year was not all reciting poetry, Morris dancing and waving inside-out umbrellas. What Presentation Day really showed was the effort and commitment that has carried throughout this school year and how everyone was involved, not just performing in outstanding plays, or playing in a boy band. It was a great opportunity to say farewell to Mrs Blight and welcome the new teachers, who we look forward to meeting next year. What this day really brought out, which cannot be seen on the normal school day, is the outside support that our school has. So Parents, Grandparents, Uncles or Aunts, we thank you for giving up your time to show your support and interest…See you next year!

Henry Cook – Rachel Ford – Louella Fielder – Reuben James