10 Oct

  • By karenunwin

I must say, our Primary is an exciting place to be. In our Art lessons, we have started using our Key stage 2 sketchbooks. The students have sketched landscapes in our outside area. These sketches have then been used to create pieces of art work, using different materials. After showcasing his talents in the newsletter, I expect Mr Lees is feeling the pressure.

Each student now knows how to look for a focal point, horizon line and set a background.


Our landscape paintings displayed in a Triptyche style

They have painted and then displayed their work in a ‘Triptyche’ style. I hope you children will be able to share with you what that means.*

We have a talented group of artists in Year 3, they then used this knowledge to make some amazing stained glass effect pictures with black paper and tissue paper. Each one applying their learned knowledge.

I think you will agree with us when we say that the results are very pleasing. Miss. Wonders


Both displays of work are in our classroom, we welcome all to come along and have a look. Just sign in at reception and we would be more than happy to collect you for a visit.

In our History lesson this week we were very lucky to have Mr. Ullson join us for a Stone Age living workshop. He is a local historian that loves to come into schools to share his knowledge and inspire students to ask questions with his hands on approach.

The students were incredibly lucky to handle animal furs and to discuss the different uses that Stone Age man may have had for them. They were also spoken and taken through how early Stone Age man discovered new things, for example fire.

Mackensie finding out that furs were very cosy as a bed. We used the deer as a waterproof base, the sheep skin as a snuggly mattress and the reindeer fur as a warm blanket! Very cosy

One of our students finding out that furs were very snug as a bed. We used the deer as a waterproof base, the sheep skin as a snuggly mattress and the reindeer fur as a warm blanket! Very cosy.

They then were shown lots of stone artefacts that are from the Stone Age that Mr. Ullson brought along, each student was then given the opportunity to sketch these using charcoal. Bringing the skills together.

We were then fortunate enough to see some of Mr. Ullson’s artwork, he has drawn sketches of cave art that he has seen and he shared them with the children who were then inspired to create their own.

I am sure you will agree that these students have created some stunning artwork, our classroom is looking very creative! Mrs. Unwin

We were very proud of the Year 3 students when our visitor was here, they showed Mr. Ullson respect and displayed commitment by getting on well with their directed tasks.

Stunning creativity. Highly respectful and committed. I am sure parents will be very proud. Thank Year 3. Mr Still

*a picture or relief carving on three panels