11 Mar

  • By kristianstill

Our Regional Principals, together with key staff from FLT and three members of the National Curriculum Leadership Team attended the Leading Remarkable Learning Conference in New Zealand. This was the first time members of every region with the OneSchool Global collaborated together.

The focus of the first two days of their visit was on SDL, including a visit to the Auckland Campus to see “SDL in action”.

Having a tour of this vibrant and exciting campus has really helped to highlight our areas for progress in the future for SDL, but also for us to reflect as a region on our strengths. The best SDL requires two main competencies; excellent self-management and flexibility of time, which we’ve seen in abundance in the learners we’ve met today, but also an ability for students to develop that deep level of learning. That’s been our focus in the UK so far and today has highlighted our need as a region to develop our time flexibility across the timetable. Louise Reynolds

Our staff at Hindhead look forward to hearing and applying a little of what they learnt at Hindhead, as we too aim to take our students deeper, wider and higher.

Deeper (into the topic), wider (breadth in and around the topic), higher (in their age and stage of learning). – Louise Reynolds