28 Jan

  • By JJM

Internationally famous business speaker Mr Rob McCoy today gave an inspiring presentation to Years 12 & 13 at Hindhead Campus, as he whirled through Europe on a business coaching tour.

Mr McCoy gave the students a fascinating insight into his colourful career, which spans many sectors of industry including the Secret Service, Vice President of the US Junior Chamber of Commerce, leadership at Virginia Tech and long-term contractor for SkillPath Seminars and SkillPath Corporate Resources.

Many businesses that subscribe to UBT would be familiar with his in-depth presentations and talented services as an in-house coach.

The interactive talk covered a wide range of salient topics, including tips on how to succeed in business, how to learn, how to find job satisfaction, personal development, skills to learn in school, the different generations in the workplace, task management and mentoring.

The presentation left the students feeling freshly inspired and invigorated as they complete their last years at school.