26 Sep

  • By kristianstill

Some way down the line, some one will ask me about the “memorable moments” at Hindhead Campus. There have already been many, however one moment currently stands out.

This summer I posted a enrichment challenge entitled “Adventurer or Voyager” to support and promote our School Ethos and Values and “help fill the void” that is the long summer break. Students were encouraged to record their experiences, their “successes and pitfalls along the way.”

I had not heard back from any students, though nor had I made a public call for submissions, when late on Friday afternoon Percy tracked me down. From an envelope, clutched tightly to his chest, he handed me a A6 photo book. Within it a series of photographs and notations chartering his adventures; from skimming stones, to identifying constellations, from skimming stones, to identifying constellations, to trying enchiladas, reciting poetry, baking and watching sunsets. I was, quite frankly speechless. Percy, thank you.

Just in case you were thinking of joining in…

There are two challenge programmes, Voyager and Adventurer. You will notice that the two challenge programmes overlap, we will leave it up to you pick which programme you wish to take on (the Voyager programme requiring a little more personal resource).