10 May

  • By kristianstill

Today with Year 8 Leadership we looked at forethought and planning through the building of… helicopters. We not talking heavy duty, military grade Chinooks. We are talking single propeller, paper helicopters. Still, flying your own helicopter is still a great motivator.

With nothing but the blueprint (available at the bottom of the post) and “one question,” our inventive Year 8s built, tested their crafts before challenging one another. With their first flights under their belts the pilots and aeronautical engineers returned to the hanger (classroom) to adapted their helicopters before the battle rounds.

The final step was to reflect on the journey, our successes and failures. The need to think a plan through, to look for gains, even the smallest gains and to bounce back from the hard knocks of testing.

Well done today Year 8. (Sorry, we can not rotate the video for you).