28 Sep

  • By kristianstill

Here is a success story that leaves Mrs Squires (Assistant Head teacher) brimming with pride. A story that embodies all that we stand for at Hindhead; Respect, Integrity, Care and Compassion, Responsibility and Committment. The ingredients of this tale are three parts industry and two parts teamwork, a sprinkle of creativity and a dusting of ingenuity. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the Sixth Form student team behind the heart warming leadership project Kuchen. – Mr Still

As part of the new Sixth Form Leadership Programme Project, in which Sixth formers are encouraged to contribute in some way toward the welfare of the school, a legendary school brand has been resuscitated to fresh heights, promoting piquant and palatable products on a school wide basis.


kuchen-teamKuchen was initially established as a constructer of quality cupcakes in a creative cupcake competition last July, this brand however, has now been augmented to incorporate the cooking and distributing of nourishing hot food to our Primary students, at an affordable rate. What is more, with a competent, capable, and customer friendly team of Sixth formers in control of operations, total and satisfactory success is anticipated.

Further to popular demand, as highlighted in investigatory questionnaires, the menu for the first week will consist of chicken nuggets and chips. This range will indubitably expand throughout ensuing weeks as further options are pursued and investigated. The intention is to distribute this wholesome produce once a week on Friday lunchtimes beginning 14th October, subsequent to reservation and payment by those desiring to benefit from the scheme.

But don’t wait till then. On Friday 7th October, Hindhead is hosting an Self Directed Learning centre granding opening and tour. You will be warmly welcomed and invited to indulge in some of Kuchen’s signature cupcakes, as sold originally last year.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a taster at this inaugural event.

Team Kuchen