13 Oct

  • By karenunwin

Our Year 6 class have been working very hard in Maths.

Have you ever seen a more hard working maths group?

Come up to the exciting year classroom and step into the world of maths! In maths we have been learning not just basic geometry but the most challenging angles. Us busy bees have been working extremely hard on estimating angles. The most enjoyable moment of maths so far in Year 6 has been cutting out coloured angles of polygons and sticking them on A3 paper. Do you know the interior angle size of a dodecagon (Do you know what a dodecagon is?). Come up to our classroom and see our work!

Also certain students in Year 6 have been working especially hard getting ready for the stimulating maths challenge that will be taking place at Explore Learning next month.

Erin James and Ivy Ryall Year 6