30 Jan

  • By kristianstill

Following a very sombre Holocaust memorial assembly, I would like to share with you this moving poem commissioned by Mrs Thomas for the assembly. I am sure you will agree with me, that this is an exceptional piece of student writing. A piece of writing chillingly read to the students by the author, Ada Cook. 


Humanity lost, no hope, no voice,

Lost in a world of life without choice,

Carted on trucks through the struggles of life,

Doubt of the unknown, the war, and the strife.


The wails of remorse, the tears of fear,

Footsteps of shadows, all draw near,

No hope in the people all waiting around,

No smiles, no virtue, no trust, and no sound.


Dreams are cold and wishes are dead,

No heart left, no hair on your head,

A mark on your arm, a number of sorrow,

Sleeping in the solitude of your own shadow.