07 Feb

  • By kristianstill

Like most schools, we know that flourishing requires more than academic ability. At our school, we have OneSchool Skills (Academic Achievement, Leadership, Involvement, Fulfilling Potential, Management skills) and we am keen to offer, develop and recognise these skills and students achievements, within and beyond the school gates.

Currently we are exploring Management Skills – Cooperation, Organisation, Self-Directed Learning, Reflection, Communication and Initiaitive. The first six where relatively easier to outline and explore, whereas, initiaitive though easy enough to outline, is far more difficult to illustrate.

That is why we will be introducing our students to the work and ambition of Mick Ebeling on Achieving the Impossible. Ebeling takes, what appears unsolvable problems and seeks solutions; committing first and then figuring out how. Right now (this is a scheduled post) we will be sharing with our students how Ebeling enabled ALS graffiti artist Tony ‘TEMPT’ Quan (paralyzed from head to toe) to draw again. Ebeling is our role model for OneSchool Skills initiative. Given such a powerfully positive message, we thought a wider audience might enjoy this affirming story.