30 Jan

  • By karenunwin

We were very fortunate to visit our local museum last week in Year 3. Our Year 3 History topic this term is Ancient Egypt. The museum have an amazing display of Egyptian artefacts, including their very own Mummy.

We met with our guide, Kay, she took us into the educational room to begin our workshop. The students were taken through the mummification process, we were all intrigued, especially with how Ancient Egyptians fed the brains to the cats!


Once we had mummified Suti we then were given guided tours of the Egyptian artefacts in the museum.

While groups were being guided around the Egyptian display, others were being challenged with hieroglyphic translation, artefact identification and investigating evidence about the Mummy. The students were given x-rays to gain evidence from, some ‘real’ artefacts and some ‘replica’ artefacts to compare, and some hieroglyphics to translate.

If you don’t know the answers to some of these questions, please do ask a Year 3 student or come and look at some of our reference books in our classroom! You are most welcome

I am so impressed with how Year 3 represented our school in the wider community. The students listened and learnt a great deal from our museum guide, Kay. Mrs. Unwin

The students ended their great workshop by mummifying a stuffed toy, creating their own death mask and writing their name onto a piece of papyrus in hieroglyphics. We had a great day!

BIG thank you to the volunteer parents who helped and supported the students on the day. We couldn’t do these trips without you!