14 Mar

  • By JJM

As part of the Year 10 citizenship controlled assessment Chantelle Taylor and Adelaide Gill had chosen to support the charity ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind’. On the 8th March, Rob Allen the and his guide dog ‘Ushi’, kindly volunteered to come in and tell our school what the charity ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind’ does and how it works. The girls spoke to him first of all and met his hyper guide dog.

Rob was invited to the KS 3 assembly along with Pam to lead him. Chantelle lead Rob to the assembly by the elbow with the reassurance of ‘’if I bump into anything it is your fault!!” Rob was extremely enthusiastic to say the least and would have stood there all day telling stories of his experiences. By the end of the assembly we can all say we fully support the charity!

Rob was then lead to the primary assembly, full of excited children, where he went straight into telling them various stories, Ushi joining in without even being introduced! One of his stories was ‘I was a nurse, carrying a bedpan and holding a white stick, it wouldn’t have been great if I had walked into someone!’

We were all disappointed when the excitement was over, but we fully enjoyed him coming in and would be happy to support him in the future and what he does for the charity. The students were proud to present a cheque of £341.00 to Rob and the charity ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind.