21 Jun

  • By krislawrence

We were delighted with this story written by Lila. Not only is the story imaginative and charming, she also met all the criteria we had set for the story. I personally loved the link to the four times table in the story. Mrs M Pienaar.

The Four Times Tables

In a dark, gloomy school a class were practising the 4x tables when the door burst open. A dragon marched in and ran up to Mary and Laura and grabbed them!

“Help us!” cried the poor girls. “Help!”

The dragon went on panting and puffing over a hill, then through a street and into a forest.

“What is that?” thought Laura, as she stared at a funny machine. It was red, yellow and orange and had dots.

The dragon took the girls to the machine and put them on a seat with another ugly green dragon! The dragons mumbled to each other the whole time.

“Where are they taking us?” whispered Mary, shivering.

After some time they got to a castle! The dragon who had captured them took them through 12 doors and they were locked in the last room!

“How can we get away? Oh, it’s scary in here!”

Outside the two dragons were talking. “Ha! Ha! They don’t know that the codes on the doors are as simple as the 4x tables!”

One dragon yawned. “I’m going to bed at 6 o’ clock tonight!” The other agreed.

“I’ve got a plan, Laura! Follow me tonight, OK?” said Mary.

“Yes!” Laura replied.

At 6:30 the girls went to the door. Mary whispered to Laura, “What’s 1 x 4?”

Laura punched in 4 and the door opened! Every door followed the 4x tables! Finally they came to the last door and nervously typed in 48. The door opened.

Outside they sat in a bush and thought. How were they going to get back? They sat and watched the birds flying freely.

Just then a bird swooped down to Laura and Mary and whispered, “I’ll take you home!”

Then they flew back home on the bird’s back!

Lila Smith – Year 3