27 May

  • By kristianstill

As there was no scheduled Newsletter to end the term, I thought I would offer a brief Head Teachers update here for you.

The term started with a flurry of events. A revision conference, a Shakespeare Day, a OneBus drivers meeting and a visit to the Butterfly Garden. This relative calm preceded our three day School Inspection and the report is a resounding testament to our staffs’ expertise, commitment and hard work, a positive endorsement of our students growing confidence and involvement in their school and significantly your unwavering support as parents.

I wanted you to know that every last email, supportive comment or note of thanks has been past onto the staff concerned. I also want you to know that, on behalf of the school, the Trustees and parents, I have offed my heart-felt thanks to those members of staff that make a difference every day.

I am pleased to welcome Tony Ryder as our new Caretaker and Premises Manager. Tony joins us with over twenty years experience managing work premises. He will be joining us in the week commencing June 12th. In the meantime Wilton Campus premise staff will be visiting to help work through our short to do list. I also met with our Buildings and Premise Trustee and have shared your construct feedback regarding parking and room ventilation.

Many of our students have taken advantage of a thoroughly well planned exams and revision programme. I have notice first hand the excellent pastoral support our students benefit from. The revision sessions, reassuring words, last-minute coaching and equipment supplies. I have received some wonderful emails of recognition from some very thankful parents – thank you.

With all the pressures of examination, I must say that the plethora of enrichment events for our students have experienced this term has been stunning. These really do add texture to the fabric of school life. From education visits to visiting speakers and experts, to collaborative projects and sporting competitions. Meanwhile, planning for the forth-coming Sports Day and GLIVE events is well under way.

Thank you and enjoy the break.

Stunning wire work from the cross phase SDL art project