03 Jul

  • By kristianstill

The OneSchool Global vision is to educate learners who are career-ready and inspired to continue their own learning. To that end, on Tuesday 27th June, 345 new Year 13 students arrived at Exchange Place for the Destination Success event. This is a brand new event to mark the transition to student’s final year of school education; the year in which they will be applying for their first full time job. For some, it’s easy to lose motivation for school when you have a job offer in hand. As schools, we’d like all our students to persevere, to give 100% every day and to achieve their potential to the full. That means we need a clear link between success at school – whether it be personal development, academic achievement or a mix of both – and the offer of employment.

We aim to develop critical thinkers who can see and lead, with integrity, through tomorrow’s challenges.

This message was encapsulated by some key speeches. Mr David Brown, an experienced leadership consultant, spoke about “giving your future-self something to be proud of”. Cathryn, a student from Atherstone Campus, spoke about Resilience and Danielle, also from Atherstone, spoke about Leadership. Both students demonstrating the excellence in what they had achieved, but that the journey was not always a smooth one. It doesn’t matter that there are obstacles in your way if you are intent on overcoming them.

Our flagship Career Advancement Programme (CAP) is world class. It genuinely prepares each student who takes part with the skills to thrive in the workplace and to be career ready. In the afternoon of the day, students were updated on the expectations and significant benefits of the programme as they begin to consider their first role.

A key message from the day was that there is no easy route. Regional Principal Kim Popratnjak spoke about the achievement profile, a new record of personal and academic achievements in school that employers will use to help make decisions about interviews and employment. This is a big step forward in linking school achievements to first job roles. We do, of course, need the support of each and every employer to make this work.