28 Jun

  • By karenunwin

Rainforest Deforestation in Year 3

Wednesday was a very sad day for us in year three as we said goodbye to our beloved classroom rainforest tree. We have been enjoying having it in the middle of our classroom and it has become home to the children’s SDL rainforest animals, which were made over the Easter break. The children have been learning about the devastating deforestation taking place in rainforests across the world and unfortunately witnessed their own tree being ‘chopped’ down and watched it be tossed into a REAL wood chipper to later be made into paper. Children were even equipped with ear defenders – safety first!

We later designed our own anti-deforestation posters and discussed the charities which are working towards a more sustainable way of cutting down the trees. I was extremely impressed with the children’s understanding and empathy towards a hard-hitting subject.

The project could not have been possible without Mr Ryder and of course Dean and Ben from Valley Landscape Projects who kindly volunteered to be our ‘mean tree surgeons’ and use their resources to chop down our tree. They were extremely professional and patient and even took the time to teach the children about wood cutting and how it works.

Here’s what the children said:

Isla – ‘On Wednesday 20th June a horrible tree surgeon came and chopped down our beautiful rainforest tree! Our poor tree animals are now homeless. We learned a lot a lot about deforestation.’

Erin – ‘A very nasty tree surgeon came into school and chopped down our tree, full of our rainforest animals.’