16 Jun

  • By kristianstill

Today we welcomed Mr Napthine to walk our school. Although we are in the middle of assessment week, there was still plenty for him to observe; Year 6 working on their play, Year 4, 5 and 7 Maths. Year 5 PE and Year 3 Handwriting. Y8 receiving feedback from their recent Science assessment. However, we could not let Mr Napthine leave without see the progress being made on the Wire Bug Sculptures.

Mrs Taylor has been testing out a few different ways of delivering SDL work.

When Mrs Wonders asked if I wanted to do a cross-over project with Year 3 I couldn’t wait to get started.  I chose year 7 as they are good role models and I wanted to offer them more responsibility.  I had been thinking about doing some wire work and Mrs Wonders and she liked the sound of it. So began the development and planning for a mixed aged group, creative and practical wire sculptures SDL project..


You can review the New Forest Wildlife park visit here.

Since then, the groups have planned and designed an insect each and problem solved how they will transform this from 2D drawing to 3D wire. We also had a wire artist visit and give them a workshop on how to effectively work with wire and they each helped her to make a part of a small sculpture that is in the Art room.

Students each made a prototype to test out ideas and now they have one more week of creating the real thing.  They will either be mounted to wood or hung from the trees and I am hoping for some solar powered fairy lights to finish them off. Thank you for supporting our SDL adventure.

We hope to unveil them on the 7th July, lesson 1.  We are hoping Mr Napthine may return for the exhibition launch.

This has been a wonderful, innovative and creative projective. I am really looking forward to seeing the completed sculptures. Mr Still

Talk has already begun on next years’ summer project and exhibition.