26 May

  • By karenunwin

We had a lovely lady in last week to demonstrate how to work with wire.  Kezia is a local artist who offers a range of workshops to local schools.  Year 7 and 3 gathered on the primary patio for an afternoon of interactive fun.  They each had a go at helping to complete a grasshopper sculpture that Kezia had started.  Everyone had a go at bending and working with the wire and those who were waiting, drew some amazing sketches of the workshop itself as well as drawing without lifting their pencil off the paper to give their drawings a wiry effect. Miss Taylor and Miss Wonders

It was wonderful to see the students so attentively observing Kezia demonstrate her skilled craft. This afternoon I notice a prototype dragonfly on the window sill in Mrs Wonder’s classroom. I am looking forward to the finished sculptures.  Mr Still