05 Nov

  • By melK

For our Citizenship project as part of our GCSE course, we have been asked to raise awareness about a crisis around the world. We as a group, Amelia, Saffron, Lara, Hollie, and Jemima have chosen to raise awareness for Unicef (helping children around the world that live in poverty), so far we have delivered a lesson to year 3 and 4, held a sweet sale, a football tournament and a cake sale.  These were all very successful.

Well done to the winning cake competitors – in 3rd place was Cassia Knappett, in 2nd place Morwenna Biggs and in 1st place Isla Coles, also well done to everyone else who took part it was a hard decision to make but the judges thoroughly enjoyed a nice bit of cake.

The Sweet sale took place on the last day of term at break time and the sweets got piled up on the tables but they were rapidly disappearing as students filed through…

The football tournament was great, we were running a bit late from the sweet sale, we arrived on the scene with hordes of primary students on the field.  We didn’t really know how it was going to turn out, thankfully it was alright and we managed to get the games of football going, there were a few bumps on the heads and fouls but apart from that it was an awesome double lesson thanks to the help of some staff and the refs…

Well done the red team winning for year 3 and 4 and the Blue team winning for year 5 and 6. The year 3 and 4 lesson was also another great time, we had the chance of finding out what a teacher has to experience standing in front of a class.  There were challenges like trying to speak loud enough, getting all the students to be quiet but that is to be expected.

We have raised £204.30 so far… so thank you everyone for their support for Unicef.