07 Jul

  • By kristianstill

This week our Inclusion Team staff visited the Cambridge Campus to attend the Regional Teaching Assistants Seminar. In addition, we are hugely proud of our staff who also presented to a peer audience of nearing 50 staff.

It was enjoyable and informative. Would I say it was enlightening, Id say so. I got to hear about the good practice my colleagues in others schools were undertaking. – Mrs Skelly-Regis

It was important that our staff got to present and discuss professional practice with a wider group of staff. Our thanks to the Helen Brace and her team, for all their hard work planning an exceptional event. – Mrs Sue Hemans Inclusion Leader. I think the concept of staff teaching and being taught by your peers is a brilliant one and super CPD for all.

We look forward to hearing the highlights during our whole-staff briefing, with staff adopting the very best examples in their lessons.