05 Jun

  • By krislawrence

Looking back at the journey which we have been on over the last two terms at school, there are many student achievements to highlight and contributions to acknowledge and numerous examples where staff have stepped up, or stepped in to help out. Please forgive us if we overlook anyone, or any achievement… there have been countless occasions to recognise, but we wanted to draw attention to a few in order to allow time for reflection, on the progress that we are making as a learning community.

Feedback to Trustees has highlighted the exciting introduction of Self-Directed Learning that followed the staff INSET in April; staff and students have really taken on this new challenge and we are impressed with the skills which are being learnt. This is only the beginning of our journey and we look forward to building on this programme in September with the use of our SDL area and involving parents in the acquisition of learning new SDL skills in order to support their sons/daughters at home.

The preparation being invested into the Year 6 Evacuation education visit has been considerable, our thanks to the extended Year 6 team. We are also exceedingly proud of the way in which our Year 6 students tackled their SATs under the very skilful eye of Mrs Birchwood; please know we are very proud of you. On the topic of exams, it has been heartening to hear the feedback from our senior students and Sixth Formers who have sat their first exams; hard work and preparation appear to be vital contributors to exam confidence. We look forward to sharing their results with them in August.

Our thanks to the many teaching staff that have volunteered their time and expertise well beyond their classroom teaching commitments. Thanks to the dynamic IT duo who often contribute late into the evening and thanks to Mr Stewart for getting our office cleaned and dry again (we had a major mid-term plumbing catastrophe). Our staff in the office have been industrious, resourceful and supportive. With many successful staff open mornings, interview days, SATs and exams (and external exam inspections), the team have been, quite simply, fantastic.

We would like to thank Mr Riley for his contributions to English and welcome Mrs French for the summer term. There have also been notable staff academic successes; Miss Wonders completed her teacher training and Mrs Caldo passed her Southampton University course. We would like to thank our many volunteers; our drivers, florists, bakers and token counters. Our break time supervisors, fruit snack providers and readers. I fear we may have missed more than a few here…

Our thanks extends to the Trustees. With so many interviews days, such ambitious building projects and frequent telephones calls, your support is very much appreciated by all.

We have made so much progress already and are looking forward to continuing this journey as a team in September. We will be using the website as a way of updating you on events at school and encourage you to keep checking the site for new information.

Many thanks,

Mrs Middleton and Mr Still.