13 Feb

  • By karenunwin

As part of their history topic, Year 3 have been creating and designing their very own Egyptian Death masks.

We were incredibly fortunate to have a visit from Miss Taylor, our very own Hindhead Campus Art teacher, who gave some great feedback to our class. We were able to really show her what a talented group of artists we are!

I was invited to join the Year 3 class while they painted their modroc death masks. There is a lot of artistic talent in the class and I was really impressed with the drawn designs they had created as well as how neatly they transferred these onto the 3D masks using paint. The children were having lots of fun and were keen to show me their work. It was a lovely afternoon. Miss Taylor

It was a great experience for the Year 3’s to have an expert observing their artwork. What they have produced so far is fantastic. Miss Wonders

We are very much looking forward to displaying their finished masks on our classroom walls. Mrs Unwin