20 Jun

  • By bryonyatkinson

We are aware that a meeting is taking place on Wednesday 28 June that will affect some of our students.

The school has a legal responsibility to comply with the Attendance Policy which states:

Leave of Absence for Students

Leave of absence will only be granted due to the exceptional circumstances relating to a parent application for leave.

 Leave of absence shall not be granted unless:

  • An application has been made in advance to the Lead CA by a parent with whom the student normally resides; and
  • The Lead CA has liaised with the parent and Headteacher to approve the application.

On this occasion as there are a significant number of students affected, in order to comply with this policy we are asking parents to please complete the form attached for all students attending this event. This includes those students returning from study leave.

These requests will be forwarded to the Lead CA for review and approval. Where approval is not given, parents will be contacted separately.

Community Meeting, 8 September 2017 - Request for Absence

Community Meeting, 8 September 2017 - Request for Absence

Please complete an entry for each child who will be absent from school due to the community meeting on Friday 8 September.