21 Oct

  • By kristianstill

Focus Learning Trust are taking a lead role in reporting this academic year.  As well as the usual academic reporting cycle we will also include an additional “Attitude to Learning” (ATL) to report on a half termly basis in light of your feedback.  So you will receive an “Attitude to Learning” (ATL) summary for the first half term for Keys Stages 2-4. A full outline will be provided with the report, however it is important to know that ATLs have moved from a 1-5 scale to a 1-4 scale. As promised in the school news, the ATL criteria are available below as they were presented to the students and on display in classroom and around the school.

Teachers engaged with their students before writing the ATL reports and the students highlighted three key points. Firstly, that students often set very high expectations of themselves. Secondly, they were adjusting to the raised expectations of them as learners by their teachers (particularly around punctuality with a number of students recognising an opportunity for improvement).  Thirdly, there has been an increased emphasis on our Values. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your child’s summary, please contact your child’s Form Tutor in the first instance. If you have any questions about the use of ATLs to support and promote learning do get in touch.

Key Stage 5 have a personalised system entitled Personal Evaluation Plans (PEPs) which dovetails with CAP and OneSchool skills. Each students is appraised against five skills.


PEP ATL Outline