07 Mar

  • By kristianstill

There are moments in a school term that stand out, that shine a little brighter. I have been fortunate to be a part of a handful of events and to witness a few more. Two of our newer members of staff collaborating and leading their colleagues, from two usually diverse subjects, combining student year groups, learning outside and in… memorable.

Miss Taylor and Mrs Cuerden planned and organised an SDL day based around ‘The Art in Science” and the “Science in Art.” It turned out to be an astonishing success.

Years 7-10 and a handful of supportive staff, ventured across to the Punch Bowl for the morning learning. Luckily the weather stayed dry and the students had plenty of time to solve riddles, hunt for items and explore the links between art and science in the natural world.

The afternoon saw the students working in tutor groups to create SDL outcomes. They were given support, but the ideas and results are of their own design. The ideas were truly wonderful and all work was displayed in the upper SDL room at the end of the day. Mr Still and Mrs Rafferty attended to watch the presentations and to look at all the astounding work the students had created in a single day.

The OneSchool Skills were shown in abundance as tutor groups worked as teams, supported each other, role modelled and adapted to working in a new way. We were very impressed with all our students.

I really enjoyed the SDL part of the project – it was nice to be able to put your ideas across in your own way. I really liked working in a tutor team and getting to know everyone’s skills. – Ada – Year 10

It was good and I really enjoyed working as a team. – Joni, Year 9

An interactive, fun assignment that got us thinking about both subjects. – Roscoe, Year 8

It was quite funny, because we had a good day and I liked helping make the scrap book and the rock stack. – Fionn, Year 10

It helped the tutor groups to come together. – Georgi, Year 10