21 Nov

  • By karenunwin

Yr 6 have been busy in the classroom writing their Anglo Saxon recipes and busy baking in the kitchen. Working in small groups, following their own instructions (they had written) whilst previously watching Mrs Birchwood do a quick demonstration, they baked their own Anglo Saxon Cheese and Honey slices.

Down in the kitchen with Mrs Grinstead, who had no idea what they were cooking or how it was made the baking commenced. (All in the name of testing their recipe instruction writing skills.)

Lots of fun was had by all, and many laughs due to incorrect or misleading instructions with eggs on the floor adding to the entertainment.

The following day, all the children tasted their slices and the majority agreed that they were very tasty, as did all the staff members that were lucky enough to have a taste.

Well done to all involved in the great Anglo Saxon bake off.