20 Dec

  • By kristianstill

Following a conversation this morning, I am pleased to offer further explanation regarding the colour added to the students reports. As you know, reports and targets are constructed by the National Support Office with assessment and comments provided by schools and their teachers.

Target Grades:

The expected standard at the end of the academic year or Sixth Form course.

This is an important as the “colour codes” or “coloured grade background” references the student’s progress towards their target grade.

Currently Working At (CWA):

This grade shows where the student is currently performing.
For years 3-8 = Emerging (E), Secure (S), Deepening (D)
For years 9-11 = GCSE Grades 1-9
For years 12-13 = GCE Grades A*-E (or relevant vocational grades)
Teachers now also have the ability to add fine grade detail using the “-” and “+” codes.

Predicted Exam Grade (KS4 and KS5 / GCSE and Sixth Form):

If the student continues with their current rate of progress, attitude to learning and behaviour, this is the grade the teacher predicts your son or daughter will achieve at the end of the year or course.
Once the CWA and PREDICTED GRADE are reported (as long as NSO has a target grade calculated), the grade will be backed by the following colour codes.
Red = more than 1 below target
Orange = one below target
Light green = on target
Dark green = above target

Attitude to Learning (available in the student planners):

1 = Excellent
2 = Good
3 = Requires Improvement
4 = Unsatisfactory
If the Attitude to Learning is 3 or 4, or if there is a concern about progress, teachers are advised to provide a SMART strategy to address that shortfall or barrier to learning that the student can focus on to improve their progress.
I hope that information supports you, as parents, to support us, as teachers.