16 Nov

  • By melK


Tuesday 6th November saw Hindhead campus remember the 100th anniversary of the signing of the armistice of the First World War. Students from year 11 worked hard to create the remembrance ceremony in the assembly, creating a scene resembling the burial of a soldier whilst playing the famous ‘Last Post’. This was followed by a brief but informative presentation as to why we keep Remembrance Day and why we should thank those who fought so bravely for our country. Similarly to last year, students then filed onto the playground in silence and created a 100 shape holding red card and poppies. Whilst being photographed from above, we had our two minutes silence for the fallen during the Great War. The result was a stunning 100 in red that could be seen from hundreds of feet and showed our gratitude to those who had died for the country during the First World War, the Second World War and other wars since. Added to this was the bank of poppies made by students from all over the school, created by recycling the bottom of a plastic bottle and colouring it to resemble a poppy. Once completed, we had over 70 poppies on the bank facing the school adding to the spirit of remembrance taken up by all of the school. Thanks to all those who participated to create this brilliant symbol of our remembrance and gratitude and to all those who organised this event.  Please click on this link to view the video.


Many thanks go to Nathan Page and Stirling Carron for producing this article and our remembrance video and to Korey Bowen, Romeo Ford, Roxley Marsh, Morgan Knight and Fergus Wickland for their thoughtful assembly.  Thanks also to everyone who made a poppy or donated to the poppy appeal.