17 Oct

  • By kristianstill

Assessment Point 1 Report (AP1 Report)

Parents will soon be in receipt of the first report of the 2017-18 academic year. This will be a brief interim report and contain background information plus the following:

  • Attitude to Learning – this grade is explained your child’s planner.
  • Working at Grade – this is an indication of where each student is in each subject.

This early in the academic year, we are focused on ensuring students are settled. Please note, that we are only giving written strategies for success to those who have an Attitude to Learning of a 3 or a 4. In addition, you have the opportunity to talk to your child’s tutors at our Parent’s Evenings now listed in the Events Calendar.

At Hindhead Campus we encourage staff to make contact with home if there are any concerns.  A more detailed report will follow at Assessment Point 2 where formal assessments will have taken place. If there are any questions, do contact Mr David Rogers at the school.