20 Jul

  • By kristianstill

The summer holidays often start slow and finish slow. To help fill the void this summer, we have designed a series of challenges to ensure that you make the most of the time away from school whilst at the same time giving you an opportunity to develop your skills and ‘make your world a better place.’

Summer Challenge

There are two challenge programmes, Voyager and Adventurer. You will notice that the two challenge programmes overlap, we will leave it up to you pick which programme you wish to take on (the Voyager programme requiring a little more personal resource). Over the summer holiday your mission is to complete as many of the thirty challenges as you can. You may have completed some of the challenges already, that’s fine, sign and date them, before concentrating on the others. Try and mix up your challenges, I will say that the most demanding challenges are most often the more rewarding too. You don’t have to complete all the challenges listed, but give as many challenges as you can a try. Keep an eye on the Hindhead Campus website for surprise challenge listing.

Recording Your Experiences

Print your challenge programme and post it somewhere public and visible. Sign-off the challenges you attempt with the completion date (success is not essential). Keep a brief record of what you did, what happened, your successes and pitfalls along the way.

‘Make your world a better place.’

Towards the end of the summer, you’ll need to draw your experiences together. How you do this is completely up to you although it needs to be a visual communication; a photo album or collage, a timeline, a sketchbook, a comic strip or documentary are just a few suggestions. We would love to hear about your experiences, your successes as well as the surprises you encountered along the way.

For Parents

We hope students find the challenges rewarding as well as memorable. Though the majority of challenges are ‘self-directed’ and should be achievable with minimal input from ‘parents or adults,’ our students will need your encouragement and occasional support. Of course, if parents or adults want to join in, then all the better, students will need testers, tasters, audiences and coaches.