06 Oct

  • By kristianstill

We have already have a number of thriving Sixth Form leaderhip projects. Here is a second, and wider opportunity for all students at Hindhead Campus to further enhance our school.

Following direction from the Focus Learning Trust, we have adopted the new standardised Student Leader format. What is more, we have extended our Student Leader opportunities throughout the school in an effort to grow and develop our student leadership talent.

The guiding principles have been shared with us by the Focus Learning Trust.

Guiding Principles

  • Provide a positive role model for the benefit of others
  • Upholding and promotion of the school ethos and values
  • Lead by example in showing respect and taking responsibility
  • Development of potential
  • Learning to Learn

Student Leadership team

Leadership opportunities are encouraged by OneSchool to develop a student’s potential. A student leadership team provides an effective way for students to experience leading and learning as a team. The team is to be non-hierarchical and exclude badges/visible distinction.

Standardised Titles

The suggested title that should be used for each team member is ‘Student Leader.’ Roles and responsibilities may be allocated around the team to offer leadership for specific tasks and committees.


Selection would normally be from the most senior year group and shared with the CA Team. At Hindhead Campus we have taken the decision to extend this opportunity throughout the school as we wanted to both develop and deepen our leadership capacity as well as offer a forum for student voice.

From these guiding principles we define the responsibilities and benefits.

Student Leader Responsibilities

  • Chair student committee meetings and setting agenda
  • Minuting and reporting findings to the Senior Leadership Team termly
  • Representing the school at functions and events
  • Open and close school assemblies
  • Listen to fellow students and communicate with the Staff, CA’s and school leadership team
  • Support and communicate the message of Staff, CA’s and school leadership team to the students
  • Duties at break and lunchtime (Year 12 and Year 13)
  • Other responsibilities can be added at each schools discretion.

Student Leader Benefits

  • Contributing to the leadership and future direction of our school
  • Meet and welcome school visitors and guests

Year 13 and Year 12

  • Extended leadership workshop opportunities
  • Visit another cluster Focus Campus to gather the very best practice in student leadership

Committees – Thursday 8:45am – 9:30am





Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5

9 members

Year 13 Student Leader

Activity Room

Year 6, Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9

12 members

Year 13 Student Leader

Uppers SDL Hub

Year 10, Year 11 and Year 12

Year 13* (4 total)

9 members


6 members

Chair and Vice-Chair

Next Steps

We are very pleased that you would like to contribute to the future direction of the school and we look forward to reading your responses to the following two questions. Please limit your response to no more than 200 words per question.

Q What qualities do successful student leaders demonstrate?

Q Where would you be able to contribute to the life of the school?

For our youngest students, we welcome supported responses.

Closing date for application is Monday 10th 8:50am. Return your completed application to our Student Manager either in a sealed envelope clearly labelled Student Leader or via email.